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Chet Raymo on ‘The Holy Family’

In an interesting bit of juxtaposition, science writer Chet Raymo writes about a recent book that “proves” heaven’s existence, then contrasts it with my belief/unbelief-themed novel, The Holy Family. Here’s the post, or click to read it at Raymo’s Science … Continue reading

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Climatologists on the Run

Science writer Chet Raymo, whose daughter is a climate scientist, writes in his blog today: I read recently that leading Australian climate scientists have been moved from place to place to protect them against threats on their lives, so deep … Continue reading

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The Habits of the Bullfrog

It’s been a while since I have sauntered around Walden Pond. In the interest of taking a little break from reality, though, I dug into some old folders and unearthed this little poem, a “found poem,” that I put together … Continue reading

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