Fanfare for the Common People

I admit to feeling a bit worn out by the incessant politics of the past several weeks of the debt-ceiling “crisis” and its bitter and stupid “resolution.” We know by now that the American people are the big losers in this deal, that no new jobs will result from it, that stocks and retirement plans are heading into the tank, etc etc. The petulant children on the right–and I mean no insult to actual petulant children when I use that term–will never compromise, never be happy, and most likely never learn to spell until they perceive that America has been re-created in the image of the corrupted, nationalized, and thoroughly cherry-picked and proof-texted Christ they follow. (On second thought, I doubt they’ll ever learn to spell; “i before e, except after c,” after all, reeks of Nazi-style indoctrination.) And my disappointment in the presidential spinelessness and inability to hold the line is quite large. I’m still processing that. Maybe I’ll understand it someday, say, if someone tries to throw me under a bus and I choose not to resist.

Anyway, in a effort to pick myself up, here’s Aaron Copland’s stirring “Fanfare for the Common Man” to remind us that America is all of us and that there a lot more of us than there are hoarders of the wealth who are putting so many out of work and into the  margins. Then, take a listen to William Shatner’s version of Pulp’s “Common People” from his 2004 album “Has Been.” Perhaps a little rage will lead to constructive action.



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